DealWorks was founded by three keen Auckland based daily deal users who were sick of having their email box filled with daily deal notifications.

We found it hard to remember what deal sites we had purchased deals from and when we had to redeem vouchers by. In some circumstances, we forgot to redeem the voucher all together, wasting our money!

With the three of us having a background in IT and marketing, we came together to think of ways to solve these problems, not only to help ourselves but the thousands of other people who encountered the same problems we did.

This is where DealWorks was born! We solved the issue of having your inbox clogged from daily deal websites, all the deals can now be viewed via DealWorks. We also allow you to add all your deals into our system which sends expiry reminders, so you will never let a deal expire and waste money ever again.

Here are the daily deal websites we currently support: