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Dealworks Aggregator System

The Dealworks aggregator system aggregates deals from your favourite deal sites and groups them into categories for easy browsing. Using the tabs above, the deals are divided into two sections:

  • Experiences
  • Experience deals are deals that are supplied in the form of a voucher from the business supplying the deal, and have a fixed expiry date. Experience deals can be added to your reminder system using the Add Deals page in your account area (must be logged in).
  • Products
  • Product deals are deals where the product being advertised is supplied directly to you (no vouchers or expiry dates).

When either experiences or products has been selected, additional filter options are displayed on the left. These include:

  • Categories
  • Provides a list of categories & the number of deals in each category. Multiple categories can be selected using the checkboxes, or a single category can be selected by clicking 'Only' next to the desired category.
  • Sources
  • Provides a list of deal websites & the number of deals aggregated for each. Multiple websites can be selected using the checkboxes, or a single website can be selected by clicking 'Only'. Source filtering is only available within the Experiences section.
  • Search
  • Provides a search function for all active deals within the selected section (Experiences or Products).

When viewing deals, sorting options are provided in the top right corner of the deals list. Clicking on the desired sort option will re-order the deals being displayed in ascending order. Selecting the sort option again will reverse the sort order (to descending). The options are:

  • Newest
  • Orders the deals based on when they were advertised.
  • Price
  • Orders the deals based on price.
  • Time Left
  • Orders the deals based on when they expire.
  • Popular
  • Orders the deals based on the number sold.

Two view options are also provided:

  • List View
  • Displays the deals in a list.
  • Grid View
  • Displays the deals in a grid (3 deals per row).

When selecting a category or section, only 30 deals will be displayed. Clicking 'Load More Deals' at the bottom of the page will load an additional 30 deals.

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